Ingo Herrmann Architekt

Sarajevo Concert Hall

Design competition, June 1999

The Green River as artificial green element emphasizes the connection between the old and the new city. Recognizable as a new element in the city it only was made possible in its dimensions through destruction. Made of many different inclined plains, the longitudinal green lines express the permanent recognition of differential psychical perception.

The Garden of Music between the two rivers contains, through intention of the people, the energy to make music feel and visible.

Five Lines of Music cross the Green River and start swinging. They materializing to walls and get caught in the Garden of Music. There the swinging movement freezes. Getting of the ground and twisting the walls enclose spaces and passages. Five walls make four spaces in between which get connected and separated which intermingle and open up. They create different passages through the site and provide a magnitude of experiences of space. There are open and closed spaces, connected and separated spaces. Between the walls is music and silence, manifest from the Garden of Music.

Music within itself holds silence. Silence first makes the experience and enjoyment of music possible. Silence also goes beyond the notes and words of our cultures. Silence is one precondition in a building of music to prepare listeners for a mental state of understanding. Silence can make things feel. Things which are not possible to explain.

The concert hall as an expression of the frozen swinging walls of music, is an open building. The walls does not close and bring the energy from the outside into the enclosed space. The concert hall understands itself as an extension of the city center. The city center as the common place where all people of the surrounding neighborhoods with its different cultures do business, go shopping or do all different possible thinks. The concert hall is continuing the Garden in itself and on its rooftop.
conceptual bird view elevation plan bird view
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