Ingo Herrmann Architect


Broad concepts are often the driving engine of good architecture.
The development of the initial design idea is given strong emphasis in all of my work. The design idea generates the functional and spatial relations of the design.

idea - city - form - funktion

Ideas and concepts are not static they must be looked at from all different angles and perspectives.
Idea and urban plan, outer form and inner functional program, energy and structural requirements often appear to be in opposition to each other. These parts must be optimized with each other during the design process. There are many calculable and non-calculable factors which influence the design.

repetition - resemblance - contrast

Architectural design as part of the optimizing process is also a balance between mediation of the different and emphasizing the different. The space in between different parts of the design can evolve a positive tension. Collage as a tool to the design process can show the pluralism which has become consensus in all currents of social life.
Human scale and our visual needs for order, structure, proportion, beauty, harmony and dynamism should be reflected in the building design.

selection of materials - energy consumption day lightning - sound

Ecological sustainability and health supporting materials play an always greater roll in consciousness and design.
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